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IM Champion

Primary School Courses and PSLE Preparation


Our student-oriented teaching method is tailored to each individual students. We differentiate ourselves from other tuition centers by knowing   and understanding each of our students in order to properly guide them and help bring out their best in a productive and creative way.


We have a track record of helping our students attain A1 marks. Our current students include those from local schools such as River Valley Primary School.

Group classes or private class

Primary 5

Twice a week

Group timing is available upon request

Group classes or private class

Primary 6

Twice a week

Group timing is available upon request

Private class

At the convenience of the student


IM Champion Program

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See the results in weeks!!

Course work


Subjects covered (in person):

  • Paper 1: Composition

  • Paper 2: Booklet A (building the vocabulary tank) 

  • Paper 2: Booklet B (focus on technique, exam skills)

  • Oral practice: Story telling


Subjects covered (online):

  • Revision on vocabulary tank through interactive games

  • Listening comprehension

  • Oral practice 


Course material


Students provided with a self-edited textbook which:

  • Follows latest exam syllabus  

  • Covers all the exam points 

  • All information is based on the latest trends, MOE and syllabus from major schools  




Group Class 

From S$30/hr to S$40/hr 


Private Class

From S$50/hr to S$65/hr 

Adult Students

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